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Tips to make the game of Lawn Bowls more pleasant for all.
There is an unwritten code of bowling ethics – "The Etiquette of the Game" – behavior on the green to make the game as enjoyable as possible for all the participants.
Here are some "do's and "don'ts":
For Skips:
Don't turn your back on a bowl badly delivered by a member of your team.
Don't shout – "you must be up!"; "don't be short!"; "stay on the mat!"
Don't carry on a running commentary while a bowl is on its way to the head.
Don't grumble if your opponent's bowl flukes it.
Do find something positive to say to each member of your team.
Do be pleasant to all your team members – all the time.
Do consult with your Third, when necessary.
Do acknowledge all good shots.
For Thirds and Seconds:
Don't criticize your team mates' bad bowls.
Don't question your Skips' decisions.
Don't interfere (seconds) in the result of a head.
Don't "coach" your Lead during a game.
For Leads.
Don't hesitate before obeying your Skip's instructions.
Don't move a bowl from the head before the score has been agreed.
Don't tell your Skip what you dislike to be told.
For all Bowlers.
When you have a consistent problem with your delivery, or length, or direction, ask one of the Club's coaches for a coaching session – they will ALWAYS be happy to assist.
Happy Bowling!!
Sam Goldblatt.

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