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                                     The Game of Bowls

The game of lawn bowls is played on a closely mowed and level grass surface extending from 36 to 40 metres in length and width.  The surface is divided to rinks, minimum 4.4  meters wide. The game is played with bowls of a hardened plastic material weighing approximately 1.5 kg made in various sizes to suit the individual player's hand.

A small mat is played at one end of the rink.  At the other end, at a distance  of at least 23 metres from the mat, a small white target ball called the jack or the kitty is placed.  Each player in turn stands on the mat and rolls his bowls down the green in an effort to arrive as close as he can to the jack.

Bowls is a game for men and women of all ages. It can be played as a singles game, or in the formats of pairs, triples and fours.  Due to the fact that the bowls are constructed with a natural bias they are able to circumvent other bowls in their path and can end up behind them and in closer proximity to the jack.  This allows for the playing of a strategic game directed by the team's captain known as the "skip".

The team strives with some of its bowls to get close to the jack, and other bowls are aimed to specified points with the object of blocking the rival's bowls.  Yet others are directed to end up somewhere behind the jack, in case this  is moved back with a rival's shot.  There is also of course the possibility of playing a driving shot to remove the opponent's bowls.

Each member of the team is designated by his position in the order of play, starting with the lead, then the second, the third, and finally the skip, who delivers last.  Each player has his own defined duty according to his position in the team.

The game of bowls demands concentration and accuracy on one hand, and on the other provides a means of removing feelings of stress.  Bowlers generally encourage one another during the game and will praise successful shots, even those of their opponents.

Bowls is a refined form of sport  which encourages camaraderie among its participants. The traditional white dress also plays its part in providing its own special spirit of sporting pleasure.

Therefore, if you enjoy being out in the open taking part in a not too strenuous sport amongst friendly and supportive people, and would like to put aside your daily cares for a few hours, and even if you lose your game come home with a smile on your lips, then come and join us at lawn bowls, which is just a step away from your home.                                                     


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